Connecting Wallet

Note: This step is required because most actions on BlockFabric is tied to your wallet address.


You will need to use Chrome Browser in order to use the wallet extensions below.

Install MetaMask Wallet to connect with BNB Chain or Fantom.

Install TronLink Wallet to connect with TRON.

Connecting Your WalletAnchor

To start using BlockFabric, you will first need to connect your blockchain wallet.

1. On BlockFabric's home page, click on LAUNCH APP at the top right.

2. Next, select the blockchain you would like to connect with. BlockFabric currently supports connecting to one blockchain at a time.

Once you have connected to a blockchain, you can interact with both the testnet and mainnet environments.

Supported WalletsAnchor

MetaMask Wallet

  • BNB Chain
  • Fantom

TronLink Wallet

  • TRON